Müller-BBM is a successful company - not least because of our experts' deep experience of many years and their knowledge. Being perfectly acquainted with the state of the art they regularly update their knowledge by attending fairs, conventions and symposia where they hold lectures on current projects and the latest developments. Please read the following information on upcoming events.

Winfried Lachenmayer

Loudness-based reverberation time analysis for room acoustic purposes

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22.03.18
Location: Munich

Dr. Andreas Meier

[Translate to English:] Perspektive für den Schallschutz im Holzbau in DIN 4109

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22.03.2018
Location: Munich

Maximilian Ertsey

Technology-oriented and market-oriented development of measuring systems

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22. März 2018
Location: Munich

Stefan Schubert

Determination of protrusion lengths for noise barriers and low-noise road surfaces

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22. März 2018
Location: Munich

Elmar Schröder und Eva Wassermann

Comparison of measurement and simulation results in offices for more than one person

DAGA 2018

Date: 19. - 22.03.2018
Location: Munich

Mirco Ebersold

Noise control at CHP plants

Technical integration of CHP plants

Date: 12.04.2018
Location: Dresden

Dr. Johannes Guggenberger

Indirect determination of dynamic forces for vibration analysis

6th VDI conference on structural dynamics 2018

Date: 17./18.04.2018
Location: Würzburg

Jochen Kolenda

Measurement of stationary source emissions according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 15259

Emission measurement technology in incineration plants

Date: 02./03.05.2018
Location: Munich

Walter Grotz

Specimen immission forecast (asbestos) for DK I-landfill sites

8th Practice Conference on Landfills 2018

Date: 03.05.2018
Location: Hannover

Jörg Siebert

Air quality forecast according to TA Luft

Basic knowledge on immission control legislation

Date: 16.05.2018
Location: Duisburg

Winfried Lachenmayr

Influence of Late Directional Reverberation on Envelopment

Auditorium Acoustics 2018 Conference

Date: 04. - 06.10.2018
Location: Hamburg

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