Rolling noise simulation

SPERoN® – Targeted development of noise-reducing road surfaces

SPERoN® stands for Statistical and Physical Explanation of Rolling Noise; it is a calculation model that enables the forecasting of sound pressure levels of tyre noise from passing cars in relation to road-surface properties. With SPERoN®, innovative, highly effective noise-reducing road surfaces can be developed and the acoustic properties of road surface layers that have been achieved can already be evaluated in the laboratory and at the testing stage. Only the theoretical or measured texture profiles of the road surface to be tested are required as an input value. With the help of the Müller-BBM tyre database, calculations can be made for a vast number of different representative tyres types.

Müller-BBM performs individual tests using SPERoN® at single workstations. For the long-term use, a client-server architecture that allows computing jobs to be transferred to a powerful server is also available.

The SPERoN® calculation model was developed in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Acoustics of the Chalmers University of Gothenburg and M+P raadgevende ingenieurs, a company of the Müller-BBM Group, whose headquarters in the Netherlands. There is growing domestic and international demand for the calculation model with institutions including Delft University of Technology and the Danish Road Directorate making long-term use of it. The German Federal Highway Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt)) and the Dutch transport ministry have supported the development of the calculation model.

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