Building acoustics and sound insulation

Our work in building acoustics planning and consultancy deals with noise control in buildings – traditionally one of the core competencies of Müller-BBM. The focus here is on

We support you with advice from as early on as the design phase through to the detailed engineering, and will supervise the construction process for you.

We carry out building acoustics measurements

Our intensive participation on panels and in committees means that we are always up-to-date on the newest developments in the field of building acoustics. We offer consulting and planning services for new constructions as well as for the renovation and restoration of existing buildings.

Detail of an architectural drawing

The sound insulation certificate provides evidence of structural sound insulation. We will gladly provide you with such a certificate and support you with expert reports, if required. Sound insulation against external noise and protection against noise to be received in the immediate vicinity is an important aspect in the field of building acoustics. We can provide you with competent advice, especially when your building is, for example, located on noisy roads or facilities produce external noise that affects your building.

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