Quality control during construction

Müller-BBM has measuring teams in different locations. They carry out checks on the building-acoustical qualities achieved during construction using standardised measurement techniques:

  • Quality testing in the finished building serve as proof of compliance with the agreed objectives.
  • As an investor or developer, you can reduce the risk of defects by detecting acoustic vulnerabilities in a timely manner with measurements carried out in sample rooms directly on site.
  • Measurements carried out before renovations make sense for fine-tuning the individual measures based on the existent sound insulation qualities.
  • Complaints about inadequate sound insulation can be objectively verified. If improvements are required, our experienced and proven teams can help formulate building measures.

Müller-BBM offers the full range of state-of-the-art acoustical measurement methods for airborne and structure-borne sound measurements. This ensures that conclusive results are obtained for each request and for each relevant structural requirement. If clarification about the products used in construction is needed, supplementary tests can be performed in our acoustic material lab.

Müller-BBM offers on-site quality testing with the highest quality of testing in each case. We work with modern equipment that is regularly calibrated or tested by our internal quality control department. The test vehicle teams in turn verify their quality and suitability using comparative measurements. Our testing laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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