Sound insulation certificate

The sound insulation certificate is a document that must be prepared as early as during the design stage of a building project, as required by the building code. The basis of this certificate is the DIN 4109 standard relative to "Sound insulation in buildings – requirements and testing". However, state-of-the-art calculation methods and engineering are also incorporated into the sound insulation certificate.

It is essential that the certificate be properly and professionally drawn up – by a Müller-BBM professional planner, for example – especially if there are doubts about the sound insulation obtained.

The following aspects are treated in a sound insulation certificate:

Airborne and impact sound insulation

All partitioning elements, such as walls, doors, windows and ceilings, must be dimensioned so that user noises from adjacent rooms, like speech, music, noise from work being done, shuffling noises or those from chairs being moved, are not disturbingly audible. Here, the acoustic properties and limitations of different materials such as glass, (perforated) clay brick, concrete, wood, etc. are to be considered. In addition to proven designs, we also develop special customized solutions, whose sound insulation adequacy can be tested on our in-house test benches.

You will achieve a high level of certainty of performance with the help of our building acoustics related design details plus our supervision of building acoustics related modernisation work.

In-house technical equipment

In-house technical equipment should not be audible in a disturbing way. The whirring of a heat pump, the grinding of the elevator or the humming of a transformer significantly reduce the building's quality. Such noises should be attenuated by proper dimensioning of the structural design.

Therefore, sound insulation certification also includes the inspection and/or design of the structure-borne noise absorbing mounting of the in-house technical equipment.


Noise from plumbing is particularly disturbing. The solutions here lie in the details. We are familiar with many of the system commercially available and can help you with your choice of materials and designs.

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