Climate concepts

The desire for environmentally acceptable  and energy-saving buildings with a distinctive user comfort requires new climate concepts.

In line with the motto, "less often is more", Müller-BBM pursues the goal to achieve more functionality by less technical systems. Therefore an integral building approach is used and the site-specific conditions are taken into account. This includes, amongst others:

  • exposure to sunlight,
  • regional climate,
  • wind conditions
  • and external noise.

The integral approach also needs to include the ventilation concept as well as the acoustical concept in order to achieve a satisfying solution, which reconciles the partially contradictory requirements.

As far as possible the available natural resources are used and the facade, the building structure and the building equipment are adjusted optimally. We primarily focus on

  • energy optimisation of the facade,
  • activation of the building's thermal mass
  • and natural lighting and ventilation of the interior spaces to the extent possible.

Simulation technology is an important tool for developing innovative climate concepts. It makes it possible to achieve holistic solutions that are tailored to the builder's requirements. The use of simulation technics offers a distinct enhancement of design reliability and – additionally - it often helps to reduce the necessary technical equipment for the building.

We have been working in this field for several years and thus  we have provided consultancy for following project types: glass halls, atria, foyers, interior courtyards, office buildings, schools, colleges, kindergartens, production halls, sports facilities, museums, archives, libraries, performance venues, shopping centres/malls, public swimming pools, high-rise buildings, restaurants and residential buildings.

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