Optimisation of energetic facade properties

The facade is the border between the building (interior) and the exterior world and thus it dominates the building´s energy flows.

For this reason energy-efficient buildings can be built with an energeticoptimised facade. For instance, it must provide an effective protection against solar radiation in the summer, but it must supply an adequate daylight impact in the adjacent rooms simultaneously. Such contradictory requirements can be satisfied in the best way by the development of an integral  facade design.

We will support the design team by the following services (amongst others):

  • Solar shading studies for designing the necessary sun shading systems
  • Determination of periods of exposure to sunlight in residential buildings to test for compliance with the required minimum exposure to sunlight
  • Spectral calculations for the determination of the facade´s energetic properties, in particular for complex facade systems
  • Thermal simulations of facade systems, e.g. double-shell facades
  • Daylight calculations
  • Energy and daylight optimisation and comparison of variants: shading systems, facade constructions, etc.

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