Natural ventilation

The natural ventilation of buildings is an essential element of passive climate concepts that aim to achieve low energy consumption and high environmental compatibility.

In the past, a uniform, artificial interior climate produced by full air conditioning was widespread. Today, it is generally recognised that the quality of the workplace can be significantly enhanced by providing access to the exterior. The feeling of well-being is significantly increased with the ability to experience seasonal and daily fluctuations and the possibility to influence the room temperature individually. Work spaces in which windows cannot be opened at least occasionally are hardly imaginable today—even in office and administrative buildings.
Natural ventilation satisfies not only requirements of air hygiene, but it also provides the advantage of transporting thermal loads to the exterior – especially in rooms with large glazed facades.

Müller-BBM also takes wind forces and thermal buoyancy into account when designing anddimensioning natural ventilation. Our range of services includes (besides others):
Our range of services includes (besides others):

  • defining requirements for air hygiene, fresh air supply and heat discharge,
  • determining ventilation rates and air speeds,
  • dimensioning ventilation openings,
  • and developing concepts for control and regulation.

We benefit on our long-standing experience on consultancy projects including atria, glass halls, high-rise buildings, double-shell facades, roofed sports arenas and industrial manufactories.

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