Building physics

The core themes of building physics are the development of energy-saving buildings, healthy and comfortable living, and working conditions, the use of sustainable and long-lasting building materials and structures.

Müller-BBM provides you with comprehensive consultancy in this respect – from project design to planning implementation, all the way through to construction work.

Whether it concerns passive house construction, an energy-efficient house, or compliance with the ever more stringent regulations of the German Energy Conservation Act (GEG): We take into account the multitude of possible energy-efficiency standards, and in collaboration with the design team and on a project-based basis, develop appropriate solutions with optimal cost effectiveness. We focus on the energy-related and technical design of the building as much as thermal insulation of the building envelope and the façade design.

In addition to the technical dimensioning of thermal insulation and humidity protection of the building components in a one-dimensional cross section, judicious consultation is provided, in particular, with regard to the layout of component connections and miscellaneous fine details. In this regard, we put to work our extensive experience and specialist knowledge in combination with state-of-the-art planning tools. These include calculations for thermal bridges or hygrothermal simulations, among other things. You can also count on our expertise and quality controls using building physics measurements when it comes to construction supervision.

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