GEG certification

The requirements of the European Directive on energy performance of buildings is transposed into German law by the Energy Conservation Act (GEG). The Energy Conservation Act provides the minimum compliance framework for new buildings and measures for existing ones.

Compliance with the maximum value for the annual primary energy consumption and the requirements for thermal insulation quality of the building shall is examined on the basis of the certification procedure. Annual primary energy consumption includes requirements for heating, hot water, air-conditioning and lighting, whereby an assessment of additional quantities of energy for production, conversion and distribution is taken into consideration, i.e., for the upstream process chains outside of the building. DIN V 18599 is the applicable regulatory provisions for calculating this value.

Müller-BBM prepares the GEG certificate for you, taking into account the current version of the GEG and, where applicable, any more specific requirements arising for example from a targeted promotion of energy-efficient construction. In addition, together with the design team, we optimise the energy balance for the entire building. If necessary, we can review the cost effectiveness of heat-insulation measures in a cost-benefit analysis.

It is necessary to prove that the heat insulation of common rooms in the summer satisfies DIN 4108 standards as part of the GEG certification. We will measure the sun protection measures required for this. In critical cases, we support the building regulation certification procedure through thermal building simulations.

After completing the building measures, we issue the energy pass based on the GEG calculations for documentation of the energetic standards attained.

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