Passive House

Although initially developed for residential buildings, the passive house concept and the associated construction methods are currently being used for a wide range of building types, such as schools, offices, shops, or archive buildings. The passive house has therefore developed from the ambitious and future-oriented energy standards to the declared building target of many cities and municipalities.

The passive house construction method actively contributes to climate protection, and offers the possibility to implement high-energy efficiency construction standards using techniques that are already available. Its value is retained over many years, regardless of the actual legal requirements.

The design of the required components is carried out according to fundamental, rational, and physical principles. A decisive factor in the cost-effective implementation and exceptional cost efficiency is the consistent optimisation of the building shell, while simultaneously keeping the necessary technical building services to a minimum. Thanks to conscientious application of the passive house construction method, buildings with extremely low operating costs for heating and air-conditioning throughout the entire service life of the building are being built with relatively low additional costs.

Müller-BBM is your partner when it comes to the passive house construction method - from the design stage to certification as a "quality-tested passive house". The initial consultation makes up a pre-check. It examines the building's fundamental suitability for use and its design as a passive-energy house. During the process, a specific passive house concept is developed. This means that the building components will be dimensions according to thermal insulation techniques, and both the process and formation of the thermal building shell and the airtightness level are specified. To complete the process, coordination of the use parameters and the technical layout of the building are carried out along with certification in accordance with the German Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).

Müller-BBM provides support for passive house concepts for residential and non-residential buildings

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