Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is an important tool for survey studies and for quality assurance when it comes to renovations and new construction projects. In addition to conclusions on the general thermal quality of the external components, it can also provide information about the presence of thermal bridges and leaks.

We use thermal imaging to measure the surface temperatures of components in buildings contact-free depending on the task defined for the building, over the entire façade, in interior spaces or on selected details. In addition to the measurement technology used (infrared camera), the skilled use of the equipment and competent interpretation of the results based on building physics are decisive for the correct evaluation of thermal imaging photographs.

Müller-BBM uses the most modern and extremely efficient infrared technology. In addition to its use in the conventional building sector, we also use thermal imaging for industrial facilities--for the thermal testing of power plant silencers, for example, or as part of product testing.

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