Electroacoustics and Technology

Müller-BBM supports builders and operators with consulting and planning advice throughout the entire tendering and installation process for complex audio, video and media technology systems. Synergies with the existing expertise in all aspects of acoustics at Müller-BBM lead to excellent overall result in the designed systems. We accompany you through the preliminary evaluations in the design and execution phases, the tendering and procurement process, and with construction supervision and acceptance.

An essential element of the Müller-BBM philosophy is product-independent design and consulting. Our goal is to effectively and sustainably design the required technology in order to meet the needs and wishes of the operators and users and optimally integrate that technology into the building.

We pay special attention to compliance with the budget, the schedule and execution of all planned features. Our experienced team of designers also work with small budgets to allow for optimum functionality and quality in the context of that which is technically feasible.

The smooth functioning of the new installations is particularly important during the first events. Therefore, we offer you support during the period between the transition stage and normal operation after installation of the new system – we will also offer our support during the operational phase as well, if requested.

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