Electronic room acoustics

The room acoustic properties of a hall can be modified by means other than classic acoustic measures. Specialized electroacoustic systems are increasingly used to produce additional sound reflections and reverberation with the help of microphones, sophisticated signal processing, and numerous speakers.

For example, if a conference room or a multi-purpose room needs to be used for high-quality classical concerts, then an electronic room acoustics system represents an interesting alternative to conventional room acoustical measures. In many cases, the electronic system is the more viable solution and they are often the only way to achieve a completely satisfactory sound.

Other possible uses for electronic room acoustics systems are open-air venues or very large halls used for classical music concerts. Theatres and studios use these systems to create particularly impressive acoustic effects.

Progressive improvement in the quality of system components has made it possible to achieve an acoustic quality that now meets even the highest standards. This is repeatedly and strikingly demonstrated in our collaboration with world famous orchestras, conductors and soloists.

Müller-BBM uses its wealth of experience, cumulated over decades, in designing, calibrating, and operating electronic room acoustics systems.

More information on this topic can be found under Room acoustics.

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