Müller-BBM designs the entire audio, video, and technical media system infrastructure for a project.

This also includes designing the supply voltage for all of the audio-visual equipment in addition to the specialised cabling for the distribution of signals. We place great importance on making sure that there is a sufficient number of separately fused circuits on the EMC protection as well as the installation of a separate ground (the so-called "tone" grounding), especially when it comes to event centres. Compliance with all safety regulations is of course a given.

Future safety is our top priority, especially when designing special wiring for audio and video technology. We develop sustainable, effective solutions that anticipate the operation of future technologies – this way elaborate re-cabling at a later date is avoided.

We make sure that the wiring for AV signals is consistently separated from other current-carrying lines from other trades as early as in the design phase in order to avoid disruptive reactions during future operation of the facilities.

We can use three-dimensional spatial models for the path planning of the necessary audio, video, and media technology infrastructure – i.e. the layout of cable routes, conduits, and so on. The information contained in these models are constantly updated as planning and design progresses in order to precisely determine the necessary cable length and route planning materials for each design stage.

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