Sound distribution systems

High-quality sound distribution systems are an essential element in event technology and have become indispensable in modern event rooms, classical concert halls, and theatres. Depending on their intended use, the systems meet the requirements of the most diverse tasks, such as:

  • Amplification of speech in lecture or conference rooms
  • Sound distribution at a rock concert attended by thousands of listeners
  • Amplification of announcements in a classical concert hall or theatre
  • Dubbing of theatrical effects
  • Reinforcement of individual voices or instruments
  • Amplification of music at jazz and contemporary music concerts
  • Sound distribution systems for large squares and stadiums at open-air events

Beyond that, the sound system also serves as an artistic design element, which can be used to precisely enhance tonal colouring or create sound effects in the room.

Rooms with exceptional acoustic conditions and demanding requirements for the intelligibility of speech call for meticulous, and compelte designs that make it possible to master the complex interactions between the sound distribution system and room acoustics. This holds true for auditoriums and churches as much as theatres and concert halls.

In addition to using advanced planning tools such as computer simulations and carrying out sophisticated metrological analyses, we also attach great importance to the actual auditory experience when designing the sound distribution system. You will benefit from the many years of listening experience of our engineers and sound engineers in this domain.

Hearing-aid systems are a matter of course in numerous venues. With timely consideration during the design process, such systems can easily be integrated into electroacoustic and media technology systems. We would be happy to advise you about it.

We go beyond just designing by assisting event organisers and artists when it comes to commissioning and acoustic calibration of the sound distribution systems or finding answers to specific questions that concern a particular performance.

More information on the influence of electro-acoustic systems on the room acoustic properties of a hall can be found on the Electronic room acoustics page.

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