Fire protection concepts

Müller-BBM advises and assists architects, builders and project managers in all aspects of fire protection. Of course, we also take into account the design and functional requirements for use of the building in the future.

During the planning stage of the construction project, our services include:

  • the definition of the building inspection requirements in accordance with the specifications and technical building regulations,
  • the development of the basic principles of the fire protection concept for submission to the licensing authorities.

During the design planning stage, we offer advice on

  • the design of escape routes,
  • the definition of firefighting zones and
  • the compatibility of the particular technical characteristics of the project with the solutions defined in the building regulations.

At this stage, significant deviations from plans or regulations are discussed with the responsible fire protection authorities from a technical point of view. For this, we submit our proposals and justifications relative to technical compensation measures to the building inspection authorities or inspection engineers for review and approval.

In the steps that follow, we use modern engineering methods and numerical processes such as zone and field models in order to simulate:

  • requirements for load-bearing and bracing structural components,
  • smoke propagation and,
  • safety of emergency escape routes.

These simulation results, along with the technical regulations, provide a basis for

  • a solution customized to the specific fire protection issues in special building types and existing buildings,
  • planning mechanical or thermal smoke-removal measures, including all required air inlet areas,
  • the elaboration of design criteria for the required fire alarm and sprinkler systems,
  • determining the amount of water required for firefighting,
  • and the development of measures for fire water retention.

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