Room acoustics

Good acoustics are essential for concert halls, opera houses, theatres and auditoriums. Ultimately, all rooms in which verbal or musical communication is in any way carried out can benefit from the right acoustic environment. In lecture halls or classrooms, for example, excellent speech intelligibility promotes better concentration. A balanced sound image is desired in rooms where music is played – not the so-called "over acoustic" or a dull acoustic atmosphere. People are often confronted with almost unbearable levels of noise over long periods in rooms that are not acoustically treated. Take for example nursery schools, offices, cafeterias, or at industrial work sites. In these cases, noise reduction is primarily achieved by properly equipping the room acoustically.

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Therefore, the objective of acoustical consulting by Müller-BBM is to influence the room surfaces, furnishings and – if possible, or necessary – the shape of the space, so that the room obtains the appropriate room acoustics for its intended use.

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This objective can only be achieved by working closely with clients, architects and any other parties involved. The earlier acoustic aspects are taken into account during the planning process of a new construction, renovation or conversion project, the better the results that can be achieved.


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