Sightline Analysis

An optimal sightline between the audience and the stage or podium is not only very important for visibility purposes, it is also critical for a good direct sound supply to the audience.

Müller-BBM performs sightline analyses by means of a 3D computer model.

Line of sight documentation for a theatre mezzanine

We transfer the exact position and elevation of each individual seat on the floor plan into the 3D model. Based on the planned seating height, a virtual camera position is determined at eye level for each listening position, which identifies and documents the sightline to the podium or the stage. Of course, we also take into account all structural characteristics such as balustrade heights, columns and balcony soffits.

The objective of this study is to identify imperfect sightlines to the stage or podium and to provide recommendations for an optimised seating. This, for example, can result in

  • an improved raked seating,
  • a change in balustrade heights,
  • an increased row spacing, or
  • a change in the stage or podium height.
Visual relationship from the balcony to the podium in a concert hall

The adjustment and optimization of sightlines is carried out in close collaboration with the architect and in consideration of the client’s requirements and preferences.

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