Room acoustic measurements

Orienting of the microphones

Room acoustic measurements according to DIN EN ISO 3382 make it possible to objectively assess the quality achieved in finished rooms during the initial operation period and to compare it with the planning requirements or normative standard. Room acoustic measurements also provide objective assessment criteria for upcoming renovations or in the event of complaints. Structural acoustic measures can be planned and implemented in a specific and economically sensible manner.

Although such measurements were previously carried out with alarm pistols or balloon popping, we now use special measurement loud speakers and synthetic test signals (audio sample) covering the entire audible frequency range. As such, reverberation time is rapidly and accurately determined, the reflection structure is analysed and objective acoustic criteria are evaluated.

Measurement set-up in the Cuvilliés Theatre in Munich

The range of applications includes measuring reverberation in classrooms or gymnasiums, measuring sound transmission in open office environments, and complex room acoustic measurements in concert halls and opera houses.
In most cases, measurements are taken in unoccupied rooms at times when they are not being used. If required, projections based on these results are made for different audience occupancy rates. We also carry out measurements in occupied rooms, for example, in concert halls and opera houses. In such cases, an appropriate announcement is usually made immediately before the start of a performance. Thanks to our wireless multi-channel measurement technology, representative measurement results can be obtained within a few minutes only.

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