Product development and testing

Müller-BBM supports manufacturers of acoustic materials in the acoustical improvement of their products. We also work to develop solutions with architects and/or manufacturers as part of actual construction projects involving special requirements for the design and acoustic properties of certain surfaces. This is done on the basis of calculations, measurements, and our professional knowledge.

Comparison of existing and optimised hall seating

For documentation and specification purposes of the acoustic properties of architectural surfaces, we perform sound absorption tests according to ISO 354 standards in our reverberation chamber and measure scattering coefficients in accordance with ISO 17497-1.

Preliminary testing during product development and quality control is carried out on small material samples in our specially designed small reverberation chamber or in an impedance tube.

Non-destructive, on-site sound absorption testing of individual room surfaces by means of in-situ absorption coefficient measurements is also possible under certain conditions.

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