What is sustainable building?

The term "sustainable building" was coined by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The concept encompasses a holistic, interdisciplinary assessment of a property, which in addition to environmental impacts (ecology), includes, in particular, economic (economics) and quality of use (social) aspects.

The assessment is not a snapshot. It involves the entire life cycle of a property, i.e. construction, use and end-of-life (demolition). This is an advantage for investors who in addition to the initial costs, wish to be able to assess subsequent costs as well. You receive important information about how your decisions affect the quality of use and ultimately the performance of the property.

For years, Müller-BBM has been deeply committed to Sustainable Building. We are also actively involved in the continued development of the DGNB system.

The Müller-BBM specialist in building physics, fire protection and air pollution control work in close collaboration to support you during the DGNB sustainability certification process so that your building receives the sustainability label you wish to achieve. Accompaniment during the DGNB sustainability certification process can also include the preparation of supporting evidence, in addition to auditing.

Müller-BBM has already successfully accompanied several new building projects, including the following, through the DGNB system certification process:

  • Karolinen-Karee office building in Munich
  • Laim 290 office building in Munich
  • iCu office building in Gräfelfing
  • Welfenhöfe office building in Munich
  • CZ Meditec office and industrial buildings in Oberkochen

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