Why build sustainably?

The construction industry plays an important role on the way to greater sustainability. There is an enormous potential for improvements when it comes to CO2 emissions, the consumption of primary resources and energies, and the waste material produced.

Yet, when it comes to sustainable building, it is not just the ecological aspects that matter, but above all the investment of resources and capital needed to achieve an optimal, long-term quality of use of the building. If this is achieved, it will be reflected in the corresponding performance and profitability of the property development.

A building with certified sustainability offers building owners, operators, and users numerous benefits:

  • higher predictability and better structural quality,
  • lower operating costs through optimised design – especially in terms of energy, cleaning and maintenance,
  • improved marketing opportunities – thanks to increased comfort and lower costs for users – lower vacancy rates, higher market value, and higher rental income,
  • an image boost for owners and users: sustainable construction as part of the corporate strategy (corporate social responsibility, climate neutrality strategy),
  • satisfied users thanks to significantly higher levels of comfort.

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