Consulting and verification procedure

For a successful DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certification, as a builder, you need a comprehensive and sustainable building concept that is documented with the corresponding verifications. Müller-BBM offers comprehensive services for providing proof according to the various qualities listed below:

Environmental quality

Life cycle-based ecological assessment (for DGNB circulars 1 to 5, 10, and 11): largely determined by the building’s annual energy consumption in the usage phase.Pollutants in construction (circular 6), with the support of our specialists for building pollutants.

Economical quality

Calculation of life cycle costs (circular 16): The result will mainly be influenced by the annual energy consumption during the usage phase (see Energy performance certificate).

Socio-cultural and functional quality

Thermal comfort (circulars 18 and 19): We have extensive simulation experience in building climate control.
Indoor air quality (circular 20): Here, Müller-BBM’s experts in building climatology and air pollution control work together.
Acoustic comfort (circular 21): Proof can be provided with calculations as well as measurements.
Visual comfort (circular 22): We support you with simulations and measurements of daylight and artificial light.
Safety and accident risks (circular 25): Establishment of evacuation plans (fire protection).

Technical quality

Fire protection (circular 33): Fire protection plan and the legally required fire protection certificate.
Noise control (circular 34): Establishment of a noise control certificate
For the building envelope (circular 35): Energy performance certificate, moisture penetration protection and thermal bridge calculation.Heat bridge investigations

Process quality

Planning optimisation (circular 45): Concept consultation. Proof of sustainability aspects during tendering and the awarding of contracts (circular 46): Control of tendering with respect to building pollutants.
Construction processes (circular 48): Noise and dust measurements on the construction site.
Quality assurance (circular 50): Quality control measurements, such as thermography and blower door measurements.

Concerning verifications and documentation relative to the individual circulars, Müller-BBM’s experts in the different disciplines with their know-how and many years of experience can provide you with optimal support during the planning and certification phases.

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