Comparative product tests

Comparative product tests

Müller-BBM was commissioned by consumer journals to begin product testing as early as 1970. At the time, these tests were primarily for audio equipment such as record players or tape recorders. Müller-BBM accompanied the subsequent trend towards higher-performance products and ever-greater diversity by developing a number of new test methods. Digitisation and now the networking of entertainment electronics have accelerated this trend in recent years.

Today, test journals and on-line offers by consumer organisations reach an audience of millions of consumers, who make use of the reliable and verifiable test results to make purchasing decisions based on the information. In close collaboration with our clients, we establish the appropriate strategies for determining the strengths and weaknesses of a product using well-established test methods, following which we deliver a well-founded quality assessment.

In order to obtain a practical assessment of all of the performance characteristics, Müller-BBM uses recognised testing methods, which include highly specialised and objective measurement technology, as well as subjective tests using test subjects.

In the process of being tested: MP3-Player

The basic principle that applies to all investigations and testing methods remains the absolute comparability and reproducibility of the findings. We ensure reproducibility by using our own self-contained networks for qualitative assessments (e.g. visual and audio tests), whose parameters we can determine, and fully control.

Our core competence in product testing lies in entertainment electronics (audio, video, TV, loudspeakers), digital image processing and IT electronics (telecommunications, information electronics and computer electronics). However, we also test baby phones, electronic pianos, personal hearing protectors, photo printers, writeable DVDs and CDs and certain software and service offers.

Each year, we test several hundred individual devices in comparative product tests for numerous projects. This makes Müller-BBM one of the leading test institutions for entertainment electronics in Europe.

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