Optical image processing

Optical image processing

In the field of optical image processing, Müller-BBM primarily examines and evaluates the following product categories:

  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorders and pocket camcorders
  • Single-use cameras
  • Photo printers
  • Image processing software, video editing software
Taking a photo of a test chart

Tests on digital cameras and camcorders are carried out in a specially equipped test room. This room is equipped with lighting systems that can be used to simulate different light setting, as required. In addition, backgrounds and patterns can be varied and adjusted depending on the defined task.

Lighting device for controlling and producing reproducible lighting situations in the photo test laboratory
Testing of anti-blur protection for camcorders by simulating the movement of the hand using shakers

In order to achieve the greatest comparability of test situations and good reproducibility of results, real-life conditions for the assessment of the anti-blur protection for digital cameras and camcorders, for example, are simulated in the test laboratory. Here, two shakers generate the typical motions and vibrations that a person would cause when using the devices.

In addition to the measurement of technical parameters, Müller-BBM also places great importance on the visual and acoustic evaluation of subjective image and sound impressions in the form of visual and aural tests using still images and film shots.

Optical spectrum for evaluation of the gradient

For this purpose, special test shots are taken, which are then assessed by a neutral test panel. For example, an optical light spectrum is projected and a comparison is made with the test sample images for deviations in the colour gradient.

Evaluation of test shots and video sequences by a specially trained and experienced test panel is carried out on high-quality computer monitors. Professional signal distribution ensures that each person is shown the same image for assessment.

Evaluation of test shots on high-quality computer monitors

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