Elaboration of interdisciplinary expert reports for the licensing of large-scale industrial projects and infrastructure projects

Landscape conservation plan/intervention regulation

Statutory regulations on the protection of nature and landscape contain a multitude of rules governing encroachment that can occur within the scope of a plan or project. A general prohibition on deterioration of areas outside of Natura 2000 areas  or nature reserves exists in the framework of conservation regulations or under the legal protection of natural habitats. As a result, conflicts concerning nature and landscape conservation are to be taken into consideration and dealt with on this basis throughout the planning and approval process.

Avoidable interference with nature and landscapes must be ceased and unavoidable ones must be offset through appropriate nature conservation measures (compensation or substitution measures) in accordance with the German Federal Nature Conservation Act (BNatSchG). For your project, Müller-BBM prepares landscape conservation plans and technical papers in line with federal and state laws that comply with the framework requirements of the German Federal Nature Conservation Act.

Our services include:

  • Landscape plans and technical papers
  • Green space plans
  • Interference and compensation balancing
  • Description and assessment of the existing natural setting and landscape
  • Specification of measures for avoiding and reducing interference with natural settings and landscapes
  • Elaboration and specification of measures for nature and landscape conservation (compensatory measures)
  • Requests for exemptions
  • Expert opinions on technical aspects of nature conservation
  • Coordination with the competent authorities

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