Air quality measurements in real time – monitoring of measured values and traffic data

Air quality measurements in real time – monitoring of measured values and traffic data

Within the scope of its environmental monitoring, Munich Airport operates several air quality measuring stations. In the course of the continual dialogue with residents and the general public, the measured values obtained from these measuring stations have been published on the internet already for a long time in the form of monthly immission reports. The reports provide information on traffic data, aircraft noise and air pollutants as well as on weather conditions in the period under review.

Two stationary and one mobile air quality measuring station, equipped with the latest measuring technology, are operated by engineers from Müller-BBM. The measured data and status signals of the individual measuring devices are checked on each working day, quality-assured and evaluated according to the appropriate guidelines.

A basis for the measurements carried out by Müller-BBM is the long-term experience with immission measurements, the accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 and the notification as an independent measuring facility and notified body in accordance with § 29b of the Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG) in combination with the Ordinance on Notification (41th BImSchV).

The mobile measuring station is usually set up in a community in the vicinity of the airport for a period of six months each. With a great deal of additional effort a technical solution has now been implemented which makes the air quality data obtained from the three measuring stations as well as the data on aircraft movements freely accessible for interested parties on the Internet virtually in real time.

LuMo (LuftMonitoring (Air Monitoring)) of Munich Airport provides data on air quality and aircraft movements in real time. The measured values are obtained from the measuring stations maintained by Müller-BBM.

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