Certified occupational health and safety management system according to DIN ISO 45001

Since 2018, Müller-BBM GmbH has been assessed by the Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG) according to the standard "AMS – Arbeitsschutz mit System" (Occupational Health and Safety with a System) and is has been confirmed that the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001 are met. On the occasion of the re-certification in June 2021, the successful conversion to DIN ISO 45001 "Occupational health and safety management system" took place. The aim and intended outcome of the management system are to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses of employees and to provide safe and healthy workplaces. This is anchored in the company's policy and is an essential prerequisite for achieving the company's goals. The employees, as the company's most important resource, are at the centre of the endeavours.

The realisation of the management system at Müller-BBM GmbH is a strategic and operational decision. The success of the management system is based on management, commitment and participation of all levels and functions of the company. To this end, the managers of Müller-BBM GmbH have renewed their commitment within the scope of the introduction of DIN ISO 45001.

Clients of Müller-BBM GmbH at home and abroad benefit from the underlying international standard of certification and the resulting reduction of effort and risk.

The employees, as the company's most important resource, are at the centre of consultation and participation and benefit accordingly. The perception of occupational health and safety objectives and the understanding of the management system within the workforce are the success factors for achieving the goals and maintaining the system.

On 21th of July 2021 the AMS certificate was handed over, which is valid for three years.

Presentation of the AMS certificate by the lead auditor of the Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG). From left to right: Walter Grotz (Managing Director of Müller-BBM GmbH, responsible for occupational safety and health, among other things), Volker Liebig (Health & Saftey Executive (HSE) Manager at Müller-BBM GmbH and Christof Radusch (supervisor and lead assessor of the VBG).

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