Emission measurements on plants according to 13th BImSchV and

Emission measurements on plants according to 13th BImSchV and
17th BImSchV

Operators of large combustion plants and waste incineration plants as well as cement plants know about the effort and costs involved in the legally compliant operation of their plants. According to the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), emission measurements are a key element for air pollution control. With these measurements it can be documented whether legal requirements on emission control are observed. Apart from the documentation of state of the art in emission reduction, they also serve as proof of guarantee of plant manufacturers towards the plant operator.

In order to illustrate the propagation of pollutants from emission sources mathematically, the results of emission measurements are often used as input data.

To provide fast and flexible support to plant operators with their legal obligation of emission monitoring, Müller-BBM has a measuring facility notified according to § 29b BImSchG with a nationwide network of subsidiaries to carry out emission measurements.

Continuously working emission measuring systems are mandatory for certain plant types with a relevant load of pollutants in order to monitor compliance with the limit values consistently. These approved and certified measuring systems are regularly calibrated and tested for proper function. This means that the display of the measuring system is correlated with the pollutant content in exhaust gases by means of comparative measurements using standard reference measuring methods.

In cases where no continuous measurement methods are available for the substances to be monitored or where a continuous monitoring is not required due to low masses of pollutants, emissions can be monitored by discontinuous individual measurements in intervals of at least three years. Here, the plant is usually operated in a state of maximum emission (full load). In this way, it is ensured that the systems for emission reduction are suitable to reliably observe the emission limit values also in worst case situations.

Both the calibration and the function test as well as emission measurements are carried out daily on a variety of cement plants, waste incineration plants and large combustion plants by the measuring engineers of all over the world.

Operators of plants according to 13th and 17th BImSchV rely on Müller-BBM’s expertise, competence and experience.

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