Freiham education campus: a lighthouse school project including building physics at the highest level

Munich’s latest school area opened right at the beginning of the 2019 school year

With construction costs of about 245 million euros and a construction period of less than 30 months, the Freiham education campus was a construction site of superlatives: by far the largest school building project of the City of Munich and one of the largest in Germany. A primary school with five parallel classes per age group, a center with 19 remedial classes, a five-grade secondary school and a six-grade grammar school are located on 38,500 square meters of usable space. The comb-shaped complex of buildings is connected via central and lateral corridors.

© Müller-BBM | Exterior view from the inner courtyard.

The Freiham education campus was designed by felix schürmann ellen dettinger architekten and realized in collaboration with Auer Weber Assoziierte. MÜLLER-BBM was responsible for all building physics issues of this project including thermal insulation and energy performance calculation, climate simulations (summer/winter), building acoustics, room acoustics as well as protection against external noise.

In spring 2017, construction works started, and right at the beginning of the school year in September 2019 about 1,200 students took possession of the new schools. In total, the campus shall host about 3,000 students. The common areas are located at the center of the school grounds: the canteen, kitchen, library, studio spaces and a meeting room for more than 900 people.

© Müller-BBM | Indoor hall

The individual schools are designed in accordance with the so-called “Munich Lernhaus concept”, i.e. students learn in so-called clusters. Depending on the respective school type, these clusters comprise various classrooms, rooms for all-day care and inclusion as well as a team room, and are grouped around a central open, multifunctional area. Surrounding escape balconies structure the facades while also adding spatial depth.

© Müller-BBM | Outdoor playground in the inner courtyard

Due to the school buildings’ exposed location, they are affected by quite substantial traffic noise. Against this background, the facades need to meet high noise protection requirements. At the same time, MÜLLER-BBM supported the planning team in developing a ventilation concept for the common rooms without traditional windows. Along the adjacent noisy main road, most of the facades of the learning buildings do not have openings, and a transparent noise protection wall provides additional screening against external noise.

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