General Administrative Regulation on Waste Treatment Plants (ABA-VwV) strike the parties involved largely unprepared

The ABA-VwV serves to transpose the BAT conclusions for waste treatment (Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1147 of 10th August 2018) and the Implementing Decision Requirements for Slag Treatment (EU) 2019/2010 of 12th November 2019 (EU) into national law. Since the beginning of the year, the administrative regulation has been in force. The ABA-VwV is to be understood as additional to the TA Luft. It contains supplementary types of plants that are not regulated by the TA Luft, as well as extended or adapted requirements for existing types of plants. The remediation period for old plants already expires in August 2022 (installations according to No. in December 2023). For critical components in IED systems, measurements must be carried out every six months in some cases; under certain conditions, the measurement interval can be extended to once a year.

The requirements of the ABA-VwV can have a significant influence on projects. For this reason, it must be checked, especially in the case of approval procedures, whether and which requirements of the ABA-VwV apply to the respective project. Authorities and operators are under a corresponding pressure of time and action here.

As part of the Müller-BBM expert discussions on 5th/6th October 2022, Mr. Thomas Heimbürge from TLNUG will address the topics concerning the implementation of the ABA-VwV in his presentation.  

The list of the affected types of plants is long and includes all installations listed under numbers 8.9.1, 8.10 and 8.11 of Annex 1 of the 4th BImSchV.

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The implementation of the requirements of the ABA-VwV puts plant operators under time and action pressure.

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