Information from Müller-BBM GmbH on the handling of the corona pandemic (as at 03/2020)

Müller-BBM GmbH is fully aware of their social and economic responsibility in dealing with the corona pandemic and shoulders it comprehensively to the extent described below. Due to the dynamic development and the permanently changing requirements on behalf of the authorities, we immediately react to possible changes and constantly reassess the situation and the measures resulting for our company. The current situation has an impact on the living and working conditions of our colleagues and clients.

In order to shoulder our entrepreneurial responsibility we act according to the recommendations of the German government, the regulations of the federal states and the relevant authorities issuing recommendations for action in dealing with the corona virus, primarily the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

As things stand at present, Müller-BBM GmbH is fully operational both technically, organizationally and in terms of staff. It has always been of central importance to us to communicate with our business partners in an honest and transparent way. At the moment, our ability to act and our operational precautions can be outlined as follows.

Ability to act and dealing with clients

In order to protect our field staff and our customers, we currently take the following measures:

  • Strict compliance with all requirements and access restrictions established by our clients
  • Cancellation of personal meetings if these cannot be brought in line with the strict precautionary methods
  • Supply of our field staff with hand disinfectants
  • Prohibition of business trips to risk areas (according to the RKI)
  • Limitation of business trips to important measuring dates
  • Project-related coordination with the clients via telephone and video conferences

Dealing with internal processes and employees

In order to protect our employees working on the company premises, we currently take the following measures:

  • Observance of and compliance with all general hygiene regulations
  • Observance of and compliance with the regulations concerning time and distance
  • Provision of additional disinfection stations at all sites
  • Data request from visitors regarding possible risks and contacts and, if required, prohibition of access
  • Strict ban on access for persons who have been in a risk area
  • Obligation for home office work in case of employees who have been in touch with suspected cases (also indirect contact)
  • Prohibition of mutually spent breaks
  • Closure of canteens and staff restaurants
  • Avoidance of the use of public transport
  • Separation of different departments, persons and teams
  • Mainly working from home for all employees for whom this is possible with regard to their respective activity

Business continuity management

In order to maintain our full ability to act, we have taken the following measures:

  • Provision of the technical infrastructure for all employees working from home (as far as possible with regard to their respective activity)
  • Regular e-mails from our management to all employees with information on proper behaviour and updated requirements
  • Setting up an internal taskforce of the Müller-BBM group of companies for regular consultations on current developments
  • Internal meetings will be held in very small groups strictly observing the hygiene regulations or in the form of a video conference
  • Regular exchange of our occupational safety specialists with the occupational health services

In the current situation we have to rely on the fact that all persons, institutions and business partners associated with Müller-BBM GmbH will observe the prescribed measures in the same way as we do. We can thus all contribute to a quick relaxation of the tense situation and a normalisation of our daily life. We would like to thank our employees and our partners for compliance with the rules and appreciate your understanding.

Planegg, 24th March 2020

Management of Müller-BBM GmbH

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