NEMO - a leap into the future of remote-sensing technologies
online press conference on March 26 2021

NEMO is a European Research project within the Horizon2020 framework to develop a new, ready-to-use technology for remote measurements of environmental impacts, such as air and noise pollution of road and rail traffic in real time.

The new technologies will be integrated into existing infrastructures to offer a complete turn-key monitoring solution, where collected data from the system is connected and analyzed to inform vehicle operators and road or rail authorities about pollution levels and potential restrictions or charges.

This new tool can help to control the acoustic and air quality in cities and reduce the damage on people and environment.

Müller-BBM’s task in NEMO is to develop the remote sensing and detection system for traffic noise (by Müller-BBM department traffic-technology) and for railway noise (Müller-BBM Rail Technologies GmbH).

First test measurements of pass-by noise for the NEMO project.


To inform the scientific community, European policy makers, national road and rail authorities and cities and the European population about current results, the NEMO consortium gives an

online press conference on March 26 at 10:30 AM.

Please find more information about the event as well as the possibility to sign up for the event here.

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