New version of the TA Luft adopted by the Federal Cabinet – significant changes for the operation of industrial plants

On 16th December 2020, the revised Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) were adopted by the cabinet. All types of plants requiring an immission control permit are affected by this. In addition to the approximately 50,000 plants previously covered, including those in the energy production, waste treatment, chemical, metal production, cement production and food production sectors, biogas plants, pellet production and shredder plants are now also newly included in this administrative regulation. For the first time, there is a nationwide regulation to protect residents from unwelcome odours.

With the revised version of the TA Luft, the Federal Government tightens the emission limits for technical plants and thus provides the licensing authorities with a central set of regulations for reducing emissions and immissions of air pollutants from plants requiring a licence.

Our customers have been supported in the planning and operation of their plants by Müller-BBM’s experts, consultants and measurement engineers with interdisciplinary services since the 1960s. Our primary objective is to ensure that the projects entrusted to us are approvable and to provide metrological support for the operation of the respective plant in order to meet the criteria under immission control law.

Competent contact persons are available to plant operators at twelve locations throughout Germany for all immission protection-related questions on measurement, monitoring and prognoses.

Customers from all sectors rely on Müller-BBM’s interdisciplinary expert opinions and measurement activities for the implementation of immission control requirements.

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