Odour emission and immission measurements at a wood products plant

Odour emission and immission measurements at a wood products plant

The research project, the final report of which has now been published, shall contribute to explain the connections between an increased odour emission concentration with a simultaneous situation of minor complaints and thus contribute to the substantiation of a regulation to assess odour emissions and immissions of plants in wood products industry. The project was awarded by the Federal Environment Agency (FKZ 3715 51 307 0) within the scope of the departmental research plan of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety.

Based on the odour emissions of a plant for the production of wood materials, the project aims at predicting the immission situation by means of propagation calculations and checking this prediction on the basis of an odour grid inspection to determine the plant-specific odour immissions. Subsequently, the results are compared with each other, deviations are discussed and it is checked whether the boundary conditions allow for a matching of prediction and inspection.

For this purpose, the scope of the investigation for the research project was divided into the following items:

  • Odour immission measurements within the scope of a grid inspection according to the German Guideline for Odour Concentration (GIRL) in conjunction with VDI 3940 Sheet 1 and DIN EN 16841-1.
  • Odour emission measurements according to DIN EN 13725:2003 in conjunction with VDI 3880 and VDI 3884 Sheet 1.
  • Propagation calculation according to the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft), Appendix 3 with the measured odour emission values using AUSTAL2000.
  • Comparison of the measured odour immission values with the odour immission prediction (propagation calculation), check for plausibility.

In case of deviations between the measured and theoretical (calculated) immissions, possible causes, in particular due to metrological reasons, are to be discussed and presented. The odour emission and immission measurements were carried out at a wood material plant producing chipboards.

Final report „Odour emission and immission measurements at a wood products plant"

Odours – measurements, predictions, consulting services

The findings on the emission behaviour of the investigated plant can be transferred to other plants in wood industry if comparable raw materials and auxiliary materials are used and similar processing steps are applied.

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