Remote re-certification of acoustic test tracks

COVID-19 pandemic, amongst else has a very high impact on international travel. This is a critical situation, as the mandatory regular assessment of ISO test tracks by an accredited lab may be hindered.

But also during the actual state of global alert, Mueller-BBM is your partner to certify test tracks according to ISO 10844:2014 »Acoustics – Specification of test tracks for measuring noise emitted by road vehicles and their tyres«.

We are pleased to inform you that we are able to offer you a unique service: the remote assessment for the re-certification of acoustic test tracks using our advanced surface texture measurement system surface drone.

In case your track is to be re-certified during the state of global alert and only the texture and irregularity requirements are to be checked, we can do the assessment remotely.

Our surface drone measurement device has a special feature called „sealed mode“. With this option, the measurement data can be recorded in a special safe mode. Data are protected against manipulation and are stored encrypted, together with time and location of the measurement. Thus, the validity of the collected measurement data can be guaranteed to third parties.

With our remote assistance, you can do the measurements on your track by yourselves (this requires an internet connection at the track). We will remotely accompany the measurements at your track and guide you in operating the surface drone on the track. When texture measurements are completed, you can retrieve the data with an USB flash drive and send us the files.

With the submitted „sealed“ texture data, we will prepare a measurement report. If all the requirements according to ISO 10844 are met, the measurement report will be supplemented with the certification information and a certification plaque will be sent.


This approach will apply to periodic checking of ISO test tracks, requiring texture and irregularity measurements. For the acceptance test of new test tracks, measurements of acoustic absorption of the track surface are mandatory as well.

Please contact us to find out the certification status of your track!

Contact: Sonia Alves

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Mueller-BBM’s texture measurement device surface drone

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