Restoration work in the Venus Grotto in Linderhof Palace – avoiding structural damage by monitoring vibrations during construction

The Staatliches Bauamt Weilheim (state building authority of Weilheim in Upper Bavaria) is currently conducting restoration works in the Venus Grotto at Linderhof Palace.

The Grotto's shell visible from the inside is made up of a mortar-filled iron mesh (wire plaster shell) that gives the best possible impression authenticity. This plaster shell has been badly damaged, not least by penetrating water and needs to be restored. In order to keep out the water from the grotto, an outside barrage is built beneath the Grotto. For this, a rock chisel will have to be used together with compactors.

These high-vibration works affect the building structures of the grotto and could possibly damage them. Therefore, Müller-BBM has been commissioned to monitor the vibrations during construction to be able to warn the construction workers in time if the intensity of the vibration should become too high. Thus, further damage to the sensitive structure can be excluded. In addition, by this measure the grotto will stay safe for tourists visiting it.

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