'Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer' Parish Church in Poing granted the 'Große Nike 2019' and the BDA Bavaria Awards

Important awards for the new church building with a fascinating supratemporal ambience, light design and extraordinary acoustics

Once every three years, the BDA (Association of German Architects) awards the architectural prize 'Nike' to architects and builders of pioneering projects. The prize is named after Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, and honors projects which have a lasting impact on German building culture. Among the prize categories are symbolism, ambience, integration, composition, social commitment, innovation and tradition.

This year, about 70 buildings and urban development projects were nominated. The highest award, the 'Große Nike 2019' for a building particularly convincing in all prize categories, as well as the BDA Bavaria Award 2019 for extraordinary buildings were granted to the 'Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer' parish church designed by meck architekten based in Munich

© Müller-BBM – Exterior view of the facade tiles above a natural stone base at the 'Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer' parish church

The new sacred building, which was inaugurated about a year ago, helps to establish a new center in Munich's growing suburb Poing. According to the jurors, the architectural design creates "a kind of supratemporal ambience .... Anyone who enters the church is enveloped by this magical, yet clearly structured space which reminds the visitor of the baroque celebration of light in churches of the past and, at the same time, it can be understood as the contemporary confidence of a church both serving the present and opening up to the future."

The interior of the building also captivates visitors with its extraordinary acoustics that was created by a team of Müller-BBM experts.

For more information (in German), please click here:
"Heavenly Acoustics in the new 'Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer' Parish Church in Poing"

© Müller-BBM – Interior view from the stone altar at the 'Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer' parish church.

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