Strategy meeting of the management

At the invitation of the management, the executives of Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH GmbH met for a two-day exchange in Planegg on 10th/11th November. As always, the operational business as well as finances were intensively and constructively examined. Further focal points were personnel recruitment and personnel development. The great demand for the services shall continue to be achieved through organic growth and promotion of the workforce. The filling of important positions and functions as well as the generational change is intensively accompanied by the Human Resources Department. For this purpose, the processes in applicant management are increasingly being digitalised. Awareness of the effects of an employee-centred corporate culture and a corresponding management style, as well as the need for healthy and attractive working conditions, is a firmly anchored element in this context.
The IT landscape as a whole will be further optimised and performance further increased over the next two years. The strategy meeting was rounded off with the topics of public relations and marketing as well as occupational safety and health. The multiple challenges were positively accepted by all participants and integrated into the ongoing strategy process.

You too can develop your skills in a company where personal responsibility, advancement and exchange among specialists are a matter of course.

The managers of Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH represent almost 350 employees at twelve locations in Germany.

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