Winning entry of the year 2021: MÜLLER-BBM receives DEGA Award for Communication Spaces

For its acoustic design of the parish church of St. Josef in Holzkirchen, MÜLLER-BBM is granted the DEGA Award for Communication Spaces

On the occasion of the International Year of Sound 2020 – 2021, the German Society for Acoustics (DEGA e.V.) has granted the new DEGA Award for Communication Spaces for the first time.

This award honors spaces for speech communication with outstanding room acoustics that are open to the public.

The jury selected the newly built parish church of St. Josef in Holzkirchen as the winning entry for 2021 since the church’s acoustic design by MÜLLER-BBM is a great success.

© Archiepiscopal Ordinariate Munich | interior of the parish church of St. Joseph with a wooden roof construction made of sound absorbing and sound reflecting triangular panels.

The jury particularly praised and emphasized the perfect symbiosis of room acoustics and architectural design: “Although the shape of this space is quite challenging acoustically, the acoustics is excellent for all types of usage of the church.”

Pastor Gottfried Doll is highly delighted with the award: “I can only confirm that this is a space with outstanding acoustics in which I, being one of the main speakers, feel very comfortable. Even when I speak without a microphone, all churchgoers can hear me clearly, and the sound of music and singing spreads well."

The prize will be awarded at the DAGA meeting in August 2021 in Vienna.

© DEGA e.V. | logo of the DEGA award.

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