Dodecahedral loudspeaker for acoustical measurements

The spherical loudspeaker m|dod 250C was specifically designed for mobile use. With its small diameter and light weight, it is ideally suited for acoustical measurements in vehicles and rooms.

Convenient, small and lightweight

The dodecahedral loudspeaker m|dod 250C consists of a plastic ball and speakers with neodymium magnets and only weighs 4.1 kg. It can conveniently be carried on its handle. The small diameter of 250 mm permits a positioning even under limited space conditions. Thus, the dodecahedral loudspeaker m|dod 250C is ideally suited for many acoustical measurements of lightweight constructions in railway and automotive applications. In addition, it is perfectly qualified for sound insulation measurements in office buildings as well as for room acoustical measurements.

Uniform: the directivity

With its ball shape, all normative requirements on the source directivity are met.

  • Building acoustical measurements according to ISO 10140 and ISO 16283
  • Room acoustical measurements according to ISO 3382

Loud: the sound power

When excited with pink noise, a sound power level of Lw = 120 dB is achieved. Based on the ball's volume, the resonance frequency of the dodecahedral loudspeaker m|dod 250C is approx. 200 Hz.

Technical specifications

  • Shape: colored plastic ball with 12 loudspeakers with neodymium magnets
  • Diameter: 250 mm
  • Mass: 4.1 kg
  • Color: melon yellow
  • Electrical power: 220 W
  • Impedance: 5 Ω
  • Sound power level:
    with pink noise: Lw = 120 dB
    with white noise: Lw = 112 dB
  • Connector: Speakon NL4FC

The order includes:

  • Dodecahedral loudspeaker
  • Certificate of directivity

Optional accessories

  • Loudspeaker stand, maximum height up to the middle of the dodecahedral loudspeaker 134 cm
  • Loudspeaker cable (length as ordered)

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