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Accreditation of flexible scopes

Flexible scope category III

It is confirmed by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) that the calibration laboratory for acceleration and acoustical quantities and our testing laboratory are free to apply "standardized test procedures or test procedures equivalent to them or calibration guidelines, respectively, with different publication dates" for the procedures listed in the respective annexe to the accreditation certificate. 

Which parts of the scope are flexible according to categorie III? All test procedures of the accreditated testing laboratories and selected calibration methods of the calibration laboratory.

This means that the laboratories may independently verify revised standards (new issues) without the need to update the accreditation certificate. accredtitations
To provide up-to-date tranparency of the application of the accredited scope the lists of accredited activities conducted under the flexible scopes are made available here ("flexible scope"):

Accredited testing laboratories
Sound and vibration
Reg. number D-PL-14119-01-01
flexible scope
Elektromagnetic fields and light
Reg. number D-PL-14119-01-02
flexible scope
Air pollution control 
Reg. number D-PL-14119-01-01
flexible scope
Measurements of hazardous substances
Reg. numbers D-PL-14119-01-01
and D-PL-14119-01-03
flexible scope
Accredited calibration laboratories
Calibration laboratory for acceleration and acoustical quantities
Reg. number D-K-14119-01-00
flexible scope

Flexible scope category I

A small number of procedures of the testing laboratory Sound and Vibration (D‑PL-14119-01-01) are within a flexible scope according to category I as defined by DAkkS (Germany Accreditation Body).

Here, the testing laboratory is free to choose from "standardized test procedures or test procedures equivalent to them within a defined testing range“.

The flexible scope according to category I here refers to the flexibility with regard to different types of machines and machine-specific measurement specifiations. Examples for machine-specific standards are listed both in the annexe to the accreditation certificate and in the list "flexible scope".

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