Arts, Culture and Events

Buildings for culture and events significantly contribute to the cultural life of a city. Here people gather to experience  and enjoy theatre, concerts, operas, musicals, lectures, or films. At the same time, such buildings are work places for artists and technical staff. They are often also landmarks of the city, or multi-faceted attractions if nothing else.
It is thus understandable that the architecture of a Performing Arts Centre that is outstanding and unique is necessary for its long-term success and a good national or international reputation. Its functionality is no less important—nor is its acoustics.
Accordingly, the starting point for our involvement in such projects tends to be our experience and references in the field of room acoustics and audio and video technology. Our range of services is completed with structural sound insulation, acoustics compatibility tests, vibration protection and structural dynamics considerations. Unprecedented synergies result from the addition of other services such as facade design, sustainability studies, classical thermal building physics or even of fire protection.

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