Offshore acoustics

The construction and operation of offshore wind farms and platforms at sea leads to an increased noise emission into the oceans, which must be reduced as far as possible. Another aspect is the occupational safety on platforms.

We offer consulting services regarding the acoustic planning of offshore platforms and support you in the creation and realisation of measurement concepts, data analysis and the modelling of sound propagation with:

We also contribute our experience and expertise in the relevant expert committees and bodies.

Underwater sound

The increasing construction of offshore platforms and offshore wind farms leads to an increased noise input into the oceans. This results in the need for underwater noise protection as well as for occupational health and safety on offshore platforms.

Our services in the field of underwater noise include:

  • support in the creation and implementation of measurement and monitoring concepts,
  • data analysis of impulsive and continuous noise inputs,
  • the modelling of sound propagation. Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH carries out forecasts on the propagation of underwater noise for offshore construction projects, such as the noise generated by pile driving during the construction of offshore wind farms.

For continuous waterborne sound measurements, we have developed a measurement concept including hardware and automated data analysis that has already been used in the North Sea for several years.

Feel free to contact us if you are planning similar projects.

Platforms at sea

For platforms at sea, the acoustic requirements are similar to those for ships. We advise you on the planning of accommodation and working spaces as well as on the optimal design of engine rooms, taking into account international standards. In addition, we develop and evaluate concepts for the structure-borne sound insulating mounting of machinery. It goes without saying that further support during the construction phase is also part of our range of services within the scope of the overall planning. We carry out acceptance tests for you and are an accredited testing laboratory for noise and vibrations in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

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