The acoustic conditions on a ship are exceedingly complex: Powerful noise and vibration emitters are found on board, including diesel engines, cooling compressors, pumps and actuator systems. The typical ship structure with its ducts and channel systems provides ideal propagation conditions for noise and vibration. Acoustic optimisation measures improve the usability of a ship, and sustainably enhance its value in the eyes of its owners and passengers.

Müller-BBM's range of services for ship acoustics is as multi-faceted as the cruise itself. Our field of activity encompasses yachts, passenger, merchant and research ships as well as naval vessels. We provide consultation to shipyards, shipping lines, design offices and suppliers of marine systems concerning acoustic objectives and specifications as early as during the design stage. We also provide you with support during the design and construction phases through planning and testing of the entire sound insulation system. This means: the earlier we are included in the process, the sooner we can draw up initial predictions for a ship regarding airborne noise and vibration – and the sooner we can evaluate the necessary reduction measures and find the most cost-effective overall design with you.

We assist you during all project phases by providing you with comprehensive consultation and qualified in situ measurements. This way, your acoustic design will become reality. The acquisition of airborne and structure-borne noise data from systems suppliers or from the shell of a ship carcass is part of the ongoing quality assessment. This also enables comparisons to be made with the input data of acoustic predictions.

The recording and interpretation of airborne, water-borne and structure-borne noise data, including during operation, is one of Müller-BBM's key areas of competence. Whether it is a question of the simple acquisition of sound pressure levels or elaborate investigation with a multitude of measurement positions – we have many years' experience in the field of measurement technology, and carry out our measurements and calculations objectively and independently. Müller-BBM is also an accredited test laboratory in the field of noise and vibration as specified in the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, in addition to a number of other fields of activity.

Our services in detail:

  • Test bench measurements of sound power levels on individual structural components
  • The (ongoing) monitoring and evaluation of noise and/or vibration of marine vessels or individual structural components in operation
  • Sound and vibration assessment of vessels or of machinery elements by means of adapted analysis methods such as BEM, FEM, SEA
  • Creation of detailed noise maps using noise data from ventilation openings, exhaust flues, or structural components, etc., installed in exterior areas
  • The designing and dimensioning of structure-borne noise reducing measures, also taking into account the specific requirements governing a ship's operation

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