Analysis of solid and liquid fuels and spectral determination of water content, calorific value, and elemental composition for the operators of incineration plants

Fuel analyses

The study of solid and liquid fuels completes the Müller-BBM range of services for operators of incineration plants. This, for example, involves the analysis of alternative fuels as well as high calorific waste fractions. Current studies include the spectral determination of water content, the calorific value, and elemental composition. In addition, we determine the halogen and sulphur contents, as well as the levels of heavy metals and organic pollutants (pentachlorophenol and polychlorinated biphenyls) according to the requirements of the approval certificates.

We are the right partner for more complex issues as well. Besides outgas sampling under laboratory conditions, we offer customised analytical solutions outside of routine monitoring. We have the appropriate facilities that allow us to provide you with meaningful results relative to the impact of materials such as paper making residue or roofing felt in the co-incineration process.

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