Certification of test tracks for measuring noise emitted by road vehicles and their
tyres – according to ISO 10844

Müller-BBM Industry Solutions GmbH is your partner to certify test tracks according to ISO 10844:2021 »Acoustics – Specification of test tracks for measuring noise emitted by road vehicles and their tyres«.

Measurement methods

  • Texture measurements (MPD) according to ISO 13473 Part 1–4 with surface drone
  • Measurement of the sound absorption road properties of road surfaces with the impedance tube according to ISO 13472-2.
  • Measurement of the transverse and longitudinal irregularities with the straightedge beam according to EN 13036-7.
  • Additional measurements can be performed, if necessary.

Certification and recertification

  • Certification of a new test track: Measurement and evaluation of texture depth (MPD), sound absorption α, transverse and longitudinal irregularities. Measurement of the grading curve (will be performed by a material testing laboratory), characterization of surroundings.
  • Recertification: every 2 years: measurements of texture depth (MPD), transverse and longitudinal irregularities; every 4 years: additional measurements of sound absorption.


  • Internationally recognized DAkkS accreditation for all ISO 10844 measurements
  • Confirmation of the results: certification plate and report
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Fast measurements, minimizing the occupation time of yout track
  • Quick response time
  • Engaged worldwide
  • Network contacts in road construction

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