Ceiling test bench

Müller-BBM maintains a test bench for ceilings for the following measured values:

  • Impact sound reduction of ceiling coverings ΔL
  • Improvement of the sound reduction of ceiling coverings ΔR

Examples of products are the following, among others:

  • Hollow floors and double floors
  • Floating screeds or impact sound insulation materials
  • Carpeted floors
  • Sports floors

Test benches for ceilings are composed of two rooms lying one above the other. Test benches for ceilings are equipped with a standardised armoured concrete reference ceiling, on which the test objects are mounted for testing the impact of sound reduction or improvement of airborne sound insulation due to ceiling coverings. The rooms of the ceilings test bench are reverberation rooms with specifications for geometry, diffusivity, and reverberation time in accordance with ISO 101405.

The measurements are determined with and without the test object (ceiling covering) respectively, and the impact sound reduction or the improvement of airborne sound insulation due to the ceiling covering is analysed depending on the frequency.

Müller-BBM has a standard test bench for ceilings with an armoured concrete reference ceiling. The test surface is approx. 13 m² (3,83 m x 3,48 m).

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