Wall test bench

Müller-BBM maintains test benches for walls for the following measured values:

  • Sound insulation measure R
  • Normalised sound level difference Dn
  • Normalised flank sound level difference Dn, f
  • Normalised flank impact sound level Ln, f

Examples of products (selection):

  • Solid walls
  • Façades / façade elements (wooden, glass, metal)
  • Wall structures for interior fittings
  • Noise protection walls
  • Industrial roofs / walls
  • Hollow floors and double floors
  • Suspended ceilings

Test benches for walls are composed of two adjoining compartments with a common test opening. The rooms of the test bench for floors are reverberation rooms with specifications for geometry, diffusivity, and reverberation time in accordance with ISO 101405. In order to reduce sound transmission through the flanking parts of the test bench, the two rooms are physically separated.

For the verification of sound insulation during direct sound transmission (sound insulation measure R or normalised sound level difference Dn, e) the test object of walls test benches for is integrated in the test opening and any remaining sections of the test opening are covered with a highly sound absorbent structure.

For the verification of flanking sound insulation (normalised flanking sound level difference Dn, f and normalised flanking impact sound level Ln, f), the test object is mounted along the wall, ceiling or floor of the transmission and reception room, and the remaining test opening between the test rooms is covered with highly sound absorbent material.

Müller-BBM has two standardised test benches for walls in accordance with ISO 10140-5 with test openings of approx. 14 m² (4.78 m x 2.98 m) or approx. 12 m² (3.95 m x 2.99 m).

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